General Publications


  • Wolfdog Considerations (Trifold Brochure) (April 2011 update)

  • When is a Dog a Wolf ... or a Wolf a Dog? (Article from the 4th Quarter 2003 issue of the Florida Animal Control Association newsletter.)

  • Of Wolves and Dogs: Dispelling the Myths

  • Wolfdogs in the Classroom (Article from 2000 Florida Lupine News)

  • Between Wolf and Dog (Presentation given by Jessica Addams and Andrew Miller at the 2013 FLA Rendezvous.)

  • Do Wolfdogs Make Good Pets? (From the Nov/Dec 2010 issue of Bark magazine; includes a quote from FLA director Kim Miles)

  • How Kids Should Interact with Dogs

  • Is Science in Danger of Sanctifying the Wolf? (Originally published in Biological Conservation (2012) 150:143-149. Copyright © 2012 Elsevier. Reprinted with permission.)

  • Attacked by Razorback Hogs (Article from 1999 Florida Lupine News)

  • AKC German Shepherds are Wolf "Hybrids"

  • Puppies: Stages of Development

  • Tribute to Suzanne Smith (1938-2012)

  • Ain't Easy Being Wolf (10-part novella by Kent Ferrell; reprinted from the Florida Lupine News)

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