The Florida Lupine Association (FLA) was officially incorporated as a State non-profit corporation in the State of Florida on 7 June 1999, and was assigned Document #N99000003556 and the Federal Employer Identification #593586075. In the spring of 2001, FLA was officially designated as a federal, tax exempt, non-profit corporation operating under IRS section 501(c)(3).


FLA's objectives

The objectives of FLA are as follows:

  • To provide education and information to members, breeders, governmental officials, shelter operators, and the general public for the ultimate benefit of lupine-type canines: wolves and wolfdogs.

  • To assist with legal issues as they pertains to the wolf and wolfdog, for the ultimate benefit of these lupine animals.

  • To coordinate and to cooperate with other national and regional wolfdog (education and rescue) organizations.

  • To advance the interests of the wolfdog by encouraging cooperation and sportsman-like conduct at canine events: obedience trials; training classes/trials; working classes/trials; and/or wolfdog rendezvous.

  • To encourage and to promote the responsible and prudent ownership of wolfdogs.
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    FLA's animal abuse policies

    In the early years of FLA, we were (unfortunately) faced with certain individuals and situations that resulted in the creation of the following policies regarding animal abuse:

    FLA opposes any form of passive or active animal abuse (including zoophilia) and will not be affiliated with any organization, entity or individual who condones animal abuse or has been convicted of animal abuse and/or animal cruelty.


    FLA's Code of Ethics

    In 2006-7, the board and members of FLA developed a code of ethics document that applies to FLA members and wolfdog owners, breeders, and rescuers. Click here to read the full FLA Code of Ethics document.