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The objectives of the National Lupine Association are to provide education and information about wolfdogs, track legislation pertaining to wolfdogs, and serve as a member-based network, thereby advancing the interest in and promoting the responsible ownership of these unique companion animals.

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may 2017

Join us at our rendezvous

Wolf vs Dog: A Constellation of Traits

Below is the educational presentation that Kim Miles, NLA Director, gave to wildlife officers during the annual training session of the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) on 3 August 2015. We are offering it here as a comprehensive educational resource for assessing wolf and dog content of an animal.

We would like to thank the many individuals who contributed and made this presentation possible. It is available for educational purposes; however, it is copyrighted and may not be altered or reproduced without written permission from Kim Miles and the National Lupine Association.

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